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When the plague hit England 7 times in 200 years it greatly impacted public opinion of bathing, hygiene and cleanliness. The late 19th century brought about advancements in technology and with discovery of germs it changed the way people thought about sanitation. Taking a bath and cleaning the body ...
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Historically kitchens were dark rooms filled with noise, mess and smells. They were considered busy dangerous spaces that could be hot and uncomfortable to work in. During the 19th Century they continued to be hidden rooms despite technological advancements. Post war many women returned to the home ...
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The very first floors used in interior construction consisted of the ground itself. In some cases, hay or straw was used to soften this surface and make it slightly warmer in the winter. Ancient families would even drop trash directly on the floor and then walk over it to compress it down into a so...
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Caves have been found with drawings and engravings that have been dated back 17,000 years. The first wall coverings for the homes of the time. The earliest known wallpaper in England dates to 1509, with wallpaper becoming so popular in 1712 that anything "painted, printed or stained to serve as han...
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We are suppliers and fitters of Pronest products. Thermostats, Cams (indoor and outdoor), Smoke Alarms and more. Nest provides a home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it With Pronest products your security has never looked so good, rain or shine. Protection for your famil...
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I love my new kitchen which was supplied by the wonderful team at The Home Hub. I would highly recommend them.
Mr E